Screening and KYC Compliance:

We can help our clients to take the right decision by choosing to be informed and to consider any potential risk level when contracting or accepting a potential new customer, supplier, member of personnel or business partner. Our aim is to speed up the decision-making process based on a streamlined due diligence research.

The complete process assumes the following steps:

  1. Accurate and current data research, collection & analysis
  2. Preparation and delivery of customized reports
  3. Supplementary verification with additional discreet sources
  4. Keeping record archive (up to 3 years)

Our Services are:

Corporate Know-Your-Third-Party” (KY3P), “Know-Your-Vendor” (KYV), “Know-Your-Supplier” (KYS), “Know-Your-Customer” (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance Reports 

These reports are based on the research and identification of the following:

  1. Company Identification data – type of entity, name, address, Trade Registry Number, Tax identification number, history, status, management, employees, share capital, authorized NACE codes, subsidiaries, secondary offices, FATCA classification of the company
  2. Listing of Directors / Shareholders (both individuals and corporate) / Corporate Group 
  3. Financial data: key information retrieved from the balance sheet and the profit and loss account
  4. Financial analysis based on financial data: creditworthiness, economic results, business and industry risk class
  5. Negative news on the company and related enforcements

Individual Background Screening Reports

These reports are based on the research and identification of the following:

  1. List of companies where an individual act as a Director/ Shareholder
  2. Date for appointment in the position of Director/ Shareholder
  3. Source attesting such appointment and the date when the information was recorded
  4. Identification of negative news and risks (PEP, AML, enforcements)
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